We commonly service the following brands: Urban Arrow, Bullitt, Gazelle Makki Load, Cabby, Batavus Fier 2, Carqon, Bakfiets.nl, Chike, Dolly, Lovens, VELOE, Bike 43, Tern, Riese & Müller, Butchers & Bicycles, Cargo trike, and many others

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for CARGO BIKE (BAKFIETS or LONGTAIL) users.

 1. How often should I check disc brakes? Your disc brake pads will usually last 2000 to 3500km of normal use. Cleaning the brake calipers (often skipped by other mechanics) is vital to keep them in shape. We normally recommend slightly more expensive, sintered type, that’s more suitable for wet climates.

2. How to keep my e-bike looking good for years ? Your bike should be stored inside or cleaned and serviced more often due to the weather. (clean once a month).

3. Is it normal the tire becomes softer after just a few weeks ? Yes it is. Tires should be pumped up once a month and they will last longer.  (pump up once a month).

4. How often should I check my electric bakfiets / cargo bike ? Checkover service is recommended once every 3000km or 6 months.

5. GATES CarbonDrive CDX vs CHAIN ? Chains usually have to be checked and/or replaced every 2000/5000 km depending on the bike, while Gates Drive should last more than 10 000 km.

6. Rollerbrake vs Dics brake ? Disc Brake is a much more efficient design and it offers much more braking power if it’s correctly maintained. Roller brakes are easier to maintain, and last more than 7000 or 8000 km before replacement. They are not recommend for hilly areas.

7. Shimano vs Enviolo internal gears ? (see the chapter below).

8. Do I need winter tires ? No. Standard tires can be used all seasons. Pay attention to the condition – new tires will always have more grip. Special spiked tires do exist, but they’re terrible on anything that’s not ice.


Cleaning your bike and applying new grease/oil, etc. protects it from the weather, helps to keep the high value of your bike and reduce the likelihood of mechanical problems.



Waterproofing your internal gears     Gear hub showing signs of wear



Waterproofing your gear hub for daily use in wet climate is essential. We’ve received many broken hubs with water and rust instead of lube inside.


Alfine 8, Alfine 8 Di2, Nexus 5 Di2, Nexus 7, Nexus 8 hub service (90  – schedule directly)

If you bring us your bike we can weatherize your hub and avoid expensive repairs.
Current Shimano production adds grease for most fair weather users. However, in wet climates we still recommend an initial weatherization/overhaul at 1500 km. After that, every 5000 km or 2 years is fine. Daily commuters should have their hub overhauled once a year regardless of milage.

Water Damage   Hub dipped in shimano oil bath

The Drive side cone is not sealed as well as it could be. A cartridge bearing would be superior, but Shimano is committed to cup and cone type bearings. Therefore, proper lube is necessary. Factory lube is not enough for use in North Holland!

Shimano’s recommendation to just dip the internals in oil is not enough. The hub MUST be periodically dismantled and cleaned, re-lubed and have the ball bearings replaced. There is no other way to get the bearing races to last.

Hub shell packed with waterproof grease   Regreased with shimano nexus product

Alfine 11 Oil change service, Rohloff Oil change service (75  – schedule directly)

It is recommended to do the first Oil Change between 500 and 1000 km when the bike is still fairly new, this allows cleaning the gear hub from all impurities and applying new oil.

Newer hubs seem to leak less than previous.

Use only Shimano Oil in the Alfine 11 hubs. Other lubes may cause seal swelling or deterioration.
If the seal is over-torqued it will deform and leak.


Shimano vs Enviolo – what’s better?

More and more users is enjoying enviolo hubs. They require less maintenance and offer great features like stepless shifting. The design of this hub is less efficient in terms of rolling resistance, therefore it is less suitable for cycling without electric assist. It is still a good choice for e-bike users.

If the Enviolo hub is properly maintained and used under normal conditions, it can have a lifespan of more than 10,000 kilometers or even more than 20,000 kilometers.

Well maintained Shimano hub can last more than that.

Our shop is prepared for Enviolo hub replacement service. We can fit a new hub to existing wheel, or replace parts as necessary.



A clean bike rides better and lasts longer. By cleaning your bike regularly, you’ll reduce the likelihood of mechanical problems and needing to buy replacement parts – saving you money in the long run!

Maatcycles service is using biodegradable cleaning products, safe on all surfaces. For DISC BRAKE ROTORS it is recommended to use Disc brake cleaner only. Any oil will damage your brake pads. For the chain we don’t advise sprayed products. Use drops of professional bicycle chain lube applied directly to each chain link. Excess oil should be wiped off to prevent dirt sticking to it.



For most users a garden hose is the way to go. Self service pressure wash is also a common choice, but you have to use it from a distance to prevent the pressure pushing into the sealed mechanisms.

It is useful to have some brushes and soap, please see our recommended: Muc-Off 8 in 1 bicycle kit

Pro Team Bicycle Care tips for cargo bike users:

If you protect a bicycle against sand, salt, mud and moisture, it will last longer, and keep much more value. That is exactly why Proteam Bicycle Care has designed a water and dirt-resistant coating. This is a thin layer that attaches itself to the pores of the lacquer. The bicycle will look like new for a much longer period and the coating will extend the lifespan of the lacquer.

The coating is applicable to all types of frames.



(SiO₂) technology.

Silicon dioxide is an important component of glass, it is very hard, almost insoluble and resistant to many chemicals. The ultra-thin layer formed with our coatings is extremely hydrophobic, long-lasting and invisible. Coatings with SiO2 are also called “Liquid Glass” coatings: the surface is provided with a glass layer on a nanoscale. UV-protective.


A high pressure cleaner can have no adverse effect on the coating and if the special maintenance shampoo is used during washing, this will support the coating. Dreft, Dasty, and other home-garden and kitchen products are not recommended.
Direction of use: This needs to be applied by a trained professional. Long lasting effect for 2 or 3 years of use.

Price: Bakfiets € 195,00 / E-bike stadfiets € 140,00 incl. BTW
CLEAN AND PROTECT – Try it yourself!

The Clean and Cure Sealant can be used as “stand alone” paint protection. The service life of this sealant is approximately 2-3 months and can also be used on both matt and glossy frames and parts.

It is extremely economical to use. Does not require any special tools or preparation.

The Clean and Cure Sealant is a waterborne, easily processable sealant based on Silicon dioxide (SiO₂), the active ingredient in hydro coatings.

This can be used as a light cleaner and as a protective water and dirt-repellent layer. It is designed to remove dried water stains and very light soiling and provides a protective layer on the paint of the bicycle.

Direction of use:

Shake vigorously.
Spray a small amount on the bicycle and leave for 2 to 5 minutes.
Wipe off with a clean cloth.
Price: service can be requested within repair appointment. Order your own: 200ml € 30,18 / 500ml € 76,40incl. BTW

Handbuilt wheels: 

A well built bicycle wheel is an incredibly strong structure. You depend on your wheels and it makes sense to have the best.

Contrary to common belief, the best wheels are not built with the thickest spokes and the most rigid rims, a wheel is a dynamic structure which needs to have elasticity and resilience.

Over 10 years of experience in professional bike shops allows us to build superior quality wheels. Every component is carefully selected and prepared, spokes are pre-stretched and precisely tensioned, rims are often re-drilled. Built to last.

  • custom wheels
  • custom wheels
  • custom wheels
  • smacap_Bright
  • custom wheels


Popular Hand Built wheels “bakfiets” FRONT – 20 inch – 406

Urban Arrow – Roller brake – 170€

Shimano Rollerbrake Hub (silver), Andra 40 cargo rim (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (silver), extra strong nipples (13g)(silver).

-Wheel including rim tape, nuts and washers.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, roller brake) – available on request.


Urban Arrow – Disc Brake IMPROVED – 190€

Novatec hub (black), Andra 40 cargo rim (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (silver), extra strong nipples (13g)(silver).

-Not including (inner tube, tire, skewer (5mm Allen key) – available on request.

This wheel is a great improvement over the original UA wheel. Industrial bearing hub is much more durable.


BULLITT – Disc Brake – 190€

Original Bullitt front wheel with industrial bearings hub (black), 36 RVS spokes (black), nipples (14g)(silver).

-Wheel including rim tape, quick release skewer.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, disc rotor) – available on request.


Dynamo wheel – Suitable for bullitt and others – 220€

Contec dynamo Hub (black), Andra 40 Rim (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (14g)(silver), and extra strong nipples (13g)(silver).

-Wheel including rim tape.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, disc rotor, skewer) – available on request.

CONTEC Hub Dynamo “Powerhouse Hub 1”

for disc brake with Center Lock,

6 Volt, 3 Watt, for 20″-29″, 100mm installation width, efficiency 72% at 15 km/h 405g

custom wheels



Popular Hand Built wheels “bakfiets” REAR – 26 inch – 559

Alfine 8 (manual shifting) – suitable for Bullitt – 390€

Alfine 8 hub (black), Andra 40 (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (silver), extra strong nipples (13g)(silver).

-Wheel including rim tape, shifting mechanism, nuts and washers.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, disc rotor, sprocket) – available on request.

custom wheels

Alfine 8 (di2 shifting) – suitable for Bullitt – 370€

Alfine 8 di2 hub (black), Andra 40 (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (silver), extra strong nipples (13g)(silver)

-Wheel including rim tape, nuts and washers.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, disc rotor, sprocket) – available on request.

custom wheels

Alfine 11 (manual shifting) – Suitable for bullitt – 480€

Alfine 11 hub (silver), Andra 40 (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (silver), extra strong nipples (13g)(silver).

-Wheel including rim tape, shifting mechanism, nuts and washers.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, disc rotor, sprocket) – available on request.

custom wheels

Alfine 11 (di2 shifting) – suitable for Bullitt – 460€

Alfine 11 di2 hub (silver), Andra 40 (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (silver), extra strong nipples (13g)(silver).

-Wheel including rim tape, nuts and washers.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, disc rotor, sprocket) – available on request.

custom wheels

NEXUS 7 – Roller Brake – Suitable for Babboe, Gazelle Cabby, Trikes and others – 265€

Nexus 7 rollerbrake hub (silver), Andra 40 cargo rim (black), 36 RVS SAPIM spokes (silver), extra strong nipples(13g)(silver).

-Wheel including rim tape, shifting mechanism, nuts and washers.

-Not including (inner tube, tire, roller brake, sprocket) – available on request.